Helping SHAPE ideas into reality

ARC helps you transform your research and ideas into ventures that can help transform society and the economy. Our accelerator programme will support you with training, mentors and market validation to build the venture you need to deliver your ideas and research.

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What we do

The ARC Accelerator, formerly called the SUCCESS Programme, is a first-of-its-kind opportunity specifically designed to help SHAPE (Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts) academics and researchers to develop ideas based on their research into businesses or ventures to help people, society and the economy.

The 7-month programme is open to SHAPE researchers (students and alumni are not eligible) from institutions that are part of the Aspect network.

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ARC is an Aspect project

Aspect (A SHAPE Platform for Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Transformation) is a network for organisations looking to make the most of commercial and business opportunities from Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SHAPE) research.

While the commercialisation pipeline for STEM research is well established, the benefits and profile of research commercialisation within SHAPE are less well known. Aspect seeks to redress this balance by connecting universities, businesses, academics and industry leaders to turn ideas into commercial solutions and solve pressing social challenges.

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How we can help you

  • Learning

    Our 7-month programme is specifically designed to support SHAPE researchers become entrepreneurs we focus on the skills and experiences SHAPE researchers needs

  • Shape Networks

    Running for several years we’ve established contacts across sectors for SHAPE researchers such as Business, Government, Education, Finance and International Development

  • Peer Support

    ARC is above all a community of SHAPE researchers building ventures to generate impact front their research, the community is 50 strong and growing each year

  • Lifelong Support

    Alongside the ARC alumni group ARC is running events

  • Funding

    ARC has funds available to support some ventures alongside a growing list of investors and philanthropists to help SHAPE entrepreneurs develop their venture

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Want to get involved?

Do you have a passion for SHAPE innovation? Do you have the drive and ambition to transform your ideas into impactful ventures that make a real difference?

ARC is a 7-month accelerator programme open to SHAPE researchers (students and alumni are not eligible) from institutions that are part of the Aspect network.

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