Take a closer look at our materials for researchers and TTOs/Professional & Support Staff. You can find our FAQ, Jargon Buster, ARC Pathway overview and other resources related to the ARC programme below.


For researchers

General resources

  • A detailed overview of the entire programme: ARC Pathway overview
  • The general SHAPE Catalyst FAQ: General FAQ
  • Do you know your POC from your MVP? And what even is a SHAPE venture? Take a look at our Jargon Buster to learn more

ARC Canvases

External resources

  • Our own Dave Jarman’s tools to help you measure entrepreneurial alignment and determine if founder(s) and idea align: Finding Founder-Fit 
  • self-guided course that helps you launch your own social venture and offers bitesize resources to introduce social ventures, options for funding, legal structures and impact measurement: Social Venture Pathway
  • A funding finder that lets you search impact investors by theme and geography; it contains funders across the spectrum of capital, including VC and foundations: Impact Investor Finder

For TTOs/ Professional & Support Staff

General resources

Training overview

  • To join Discover and Launch as a TTO/PSS and learn more about our training content, please register using our standard signup forms on the ARC Discover and ARC Launch webpages
  • To receive all updates on cohort dates and application deadlines, please sign up to our mailing list

Our marketing & comms pack

Additional support

  • Join our monthly drop-in sessions via Eventbrite
  • 6-monthly progress reports for your research organisation
  • In-person Roadshow events, including taster sessions for academics and an introduction to the SHAPE Catalyst training and funding offering

Please reach out to to set up regular reports and Roadshows. 


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